Our History

Starting in 1987, two entrepreneurs established a company called Reef Oil and Gas Partners, L.L.C. With great success, the company has grown substantially over the years to a much larger independent oil and natural gas company called Reef Oil and Gas Companies. The growth of the company is attributed to Reef's success in timely property acquisitions and developing drilling prospects by its highly-skilled employees who are industry leaders in discovering and drilling for oil and natural gas.

Since its founding, Reef Oil and Gas Companies has remained committed to discovering new sources of oil and natural gas to meet the world's growing demand for energy. Today, Reef is a leader in oil and natural gas exploration, production and property acquisitions. Reef's corporate office is located just north of Dallas in Richardson, Texas.

Our Mission

Our business focus is on developing opportunities that go beyond just providing tax benefits. The properties we acquire and develop must have the potential for profitability. Reef's property acquisition decisions are based on geological, engineering and other important indicators, including such elements as established production histories, longevity, and upside potential. Unless the opportunity meets the criteria set out by our highly experienced geologists, engineers, landmen and management, it will not become part of Reef's partnership.

Our People

Our diverse and highly-skilled workforce consists of geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, drilling and production engineers, and landmen. These, highly-trained industry veterans have more than 30 years average experience with the knowledge and extensive contacts to source, evaluate, acquire and operate projects to their greatest potential.

Our Strengths

REI Energy is a partner you can trust. Our strengths include:

  • More than 25 years of industry experience, with an extensive network of industry resources
  • Seasoned team of land, geological, engineering, legal and finance professionals
  • Courteous Investor Relations department that will quickly get you accurate answers to your important questions
  • Courteous Investor Relations department that will quickly get you accurate answers to your important questions
  • Accountants and lawyers on staff to answer investor questions about tax benefits such as up front deductions, intangible drilling costs and tax credits.